Top 5 of the Most Affectionate Cat Breeds



Cats are often said to be cold, aloof and independent compared to dogs, and it is certainly true that cats value their own space much more than dogs as a general rule. However, despite what the die-hard dog enthusiasts might think, cats are very loving, affection and yes, even loyal animals, who provide much-appreciated companionship and love to their human keepers.

Top 5 of the Most Affectionate Cat Breeds



Top 5 of the Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

The Persian’s long fur requires care and maintenance from their owner, and daily brushing sessions provide an excellent opportunity for bonding with the Persian cat. They love to be stroked, hugged and admired, and greatly value quiet time in the lap of their favourite people. They are good natured, elegant and laid back, and generally do not wander too far from home when allowed outside.



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