Top 5 Stinkiest Dog Breeds



As we know some people are allergic to dog hair and that is the reason why some breeds are classified as hypoallergenic as they don't shed or their shedding level is so low that even an allergic person can own them.There can be another problem for some people owing dogs and it is that specific odor that every dog has got.For some dogs it can be juts normal but for the others it may be quiet intense and that is of course something natural.So Here we have created a list for Top 5 stinkiest dog breeds to inform our visitors about the dogs that naturally have intense odor.Following are the Top 5 stinkiest dog breeds.

Top 5 Stinkiest Dog Breeds


Cocker spaniel:

Top 5 Stinkiest Dog Breeds

Cocker spaniel is an affectionate, playful and fun loving dog breed.The name actually represents two of their kinds American Cocker Spaniel and English Cocker Spaniel.Cocker Spaniels have quiet intense odor and therefore they need regular and careful grooming sessions.They are the 1st stinkiest dog breed among all dog breeds.


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