Top 5 most beautiful cat breeds



After dogs, cats are the most common animals that are domesticated by human beings. Their friendly nature and cuddly looks make them top favorite friends of human beings. They are easy to tame and train and do not involve much hassle in trying to make them adaptable to a particular ambiance. While there are some unusual breeds of cats, which are results of genetic mutation or deliberate genetic experiments of the microbiologists, some cat breeds are there which are extremely beautiful.

Top 5 most beautiful cat breeds


Turkish Angora:

This is a variety of cats that originated in the central Turkey region and is a breed of the domestic cat. These cats have a fine bone structure with no undercoat. The coat is medium long with a silky, plumed tail. Although majority of the cats under this group are white, but some with blue, black and reddish furs are also found. They have massive head and pointed ears.source



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