Top 5 Kids Friendly Cat Breeds



A child snuggling with a purring cat that loves the attention from its small human companion. If your household includes children, consider adding one of these kid-friendly cat breeds to your home.

Top 5 Kids Friendly Cat Breeds



Top 5 Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

With the body type of a Burmese cat and the pointed coat of the Siamese cat,the Tonkinese blends the best of two popular breeds.The Tonkinese cat also shows the best traits of these cats a social nature and love for people that extends to humans of all ages.



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Anonymous said...

I love cats and kittens I have four lol, and it’s probably just because she is in a new environment the best way to introduce a kitten to a new place is to put it in a little room (with food, water and a litter box)
and just let her get the hang of things and later let her investigate your house. And yes when cats get older they normally calm down. if she’s not neutered or spayed, witch ever one i forget witch ones for females, cats tend to be wild and once she’s old enough you should neuter her that calms them down.
Hope I helped

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